Metrics Health Report

Web app design



In this project I prototyped a solution that helps leadership engage with metrics to improve their team's performance. The client challenged us to think beyond a traditional analytics dashboard because it drove little to no engagement amongst their teams. Instead, we developed a workflow with at its core an interactive report, which actively encourages leaders to interpret metrics and take action.

Key challenges

How to advocate the value of design to non-designers? How to communicate the value of something new to the client? How to tell a narrative around the solution prototype?

Role in my team

I was brought into a team of business consultants to help bring to life the metrics framework. I facilitated design thinking workshops with the team and conducted research interviews with the client.


User research • interactive UX prototypes (Figma)

User Research

I held interviews with the client to discuss their pain points and undertand how they affected the ways of working and squads' performance. Based on my findings I then created three concepts which we tested with low-fidelity prototypes.

Visual prototype development

With the concept that was taken forward for further development, I designed an interactive flow of high-fidelity screens to showcase the final solution.